My mission statement:


"I am giving back to the world what was given to me by God,

and I will not stop until it is so."


I (was given) have invented a new construction method, that I call the "All Wall System".


This method of building makes it so "healthy-willing-giving" people without construction experience, or carpenter skills, can construct homes.


Affordable Homes, HUD Homes, Low Income homes are my main focus.


The ease of construction of the All Wall system makes it so we can HELP other less fortunate people build their homes.


        All Wall homes are stronger than concrete block homes.

        All Wall homes cost less to build than conventional concrete block homes.

        All Wall homes are much more energy efficient than most homes available making the home more affordable to maintain and allows the homeowner to live a higher more comfortable lifestyle.




What does "Given to me by God" mean?


I have been blessed in my life to have been a part of building and designing with the following materials:



I am a professional engineer.


I awoke at 2:00 am one morning and felt directed to write down what I had envisioned in my sleep with the clear understanding that I am to give it to the world.




H. John Griffin II, P.E.

(954) 325-7578

Yr. 1999