The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) attended the Final Action Hearings of the International
Code Council® on September 17-23, 2008, at the Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis,
MN. Released before the hearings, the new Setting the Standard highlights this event in its
series about DOE's goal to reduce the energy consumption of International Energy
Conservation Code® (IECC) compliant homes by 30%, relative to the 2006 IECC, by the year
The Final Action Hearings closed a three-year code development cycle that considered more
energy efficiency improvements than any development cycle in the history of the IECC.
The All Wall products are great for the environment
Less Energy Use than "Any other Method of Construction"
Proven by Dept of Energy
We've been in business for  10 years
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We are professionals in the field of construction that specialize in the 'design of' and 'building of' the concrete
walls for homes. Because of the All Wall System, the homes will be the most energy efficient, high wind resistant,
mold resistant, fire resistant, and pest resistant homes that can be built compared to all other  methods of
construction. (per the D.O.E.'s published findings) All of these benefits are achieved by building with the All Wall
System as a major component.
What We Do and Have Been Doing for Years now!

We work with the home buyers and the home builders to interest them in building their homes to the highest All
Wall standards.  

We then personally educate them on how to build this type home using their local subcontractors.

Their All Wall Eco-Homes will exceed all energy code and all high wind code requirements.  They will enjoy the
many other benefits the All Wall System provides while living more comfortably in this type home for LESS money.
All Wall System, comments on the Building Energy Codes Program
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You have No Idea, how frustrating this is for
companies that have exceeded, for over 9
years, what the BECP 'thinks' is a major
The only reason 30% is a big Milestone for the BECP is because this is the best they
can get when
they keep tring to build a hollow wall system using wood.  

A method of construction that
has been proven for years to be a method of construction
was great for it's time and was required years ago, but is an outdated method of
construction and
uses more energy than many other methods, as well as the energy
use of wood constructed homes gets worse over time.