Case Study
The attached CASE STUDY was prepared by Building Scientist that taught Sustainable, Energy Efficient home
construction for one of the most prestigious organizations in the USA.
His purpose of the training was to build a home that BEST MINIMIZES the typical problems of construction in
regards to minimizing Energy costs.  Once he learned of the All Wall System he immediately flew to the Home
Owners living in All Wall System homes to interview them and review their energy cost bills.  

This Case Study was performed out of his interest because ...

      "he could not believe" ...

the All Wall System solved ALL of the concerns he had been teaching for wood construction.  

His teachings for wood framing when Properly executed still only Minimized the problems
not eliminate the
like All Wall System does.
Click this picture for a printable copy of
the Case Study in PDF format.
Insulated Concrete Form company using C-I-C method