We realized that there is a demand for a way to build a home that will utilize
  1. the local labor and
  2. local sub-contractors
to make field installation easier  AND provide an energy efficient wall product with more benefits.
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Our goal was to help build these energy efficient homes using as many entry level employees as

This can only be achieved in the areas of construction where the workers are not required to be
licensed by the local municipalities.  
This is the Labor Force.
Those in the Labor Force follow the direction/supervision of the licensed Home Builder/ General
Contractor.  We specifically focused on this group.

We knew we could go in any area of the world, take this group of people, pay them well
and train them to build any home in the world.

Our experience in construction started in 1972.  We have been incorporated since 1998 as All Wall
Company, Inc., a Florida corporation.

The All Wall System™ was established soon after the patent was approved in 2001.

This year is our
10th year as a corporation, but our 36th year as experienced builders.

All Wall Company is in charge of licensing qualified people and companies to manufacture and
install the All Wall System™ across the USA, Canada, and offshore.

    We have licensees companies in Florida, Alabama, New Mexico and Kentucky.  We also
    license individuals to build their own homes when they want to manufacture the panels
    themselves.  They have the option to obtain an area once they are comfortable with building
    using the All Wall System™ method.

Competitive Advantage:
  1. We utilize entry level employees to build homes using the All Wall System™ to build the most
    energy efficient walls.
  2. Homes that have more health, safety and cost savings benefits than any other method of
  3. The insurance will be lower than conventional framing.
  4. The homeowners pay less money every time they write the monthly bills to pay for the
    mortgage and the energy bills.

Why is the All Wall System the most energy efficient wall?
    The All Wall System™ is a Stay in Place form that when filled with concrete, provides a
    concrete wall that has a barrier in the center of the wall to keep the heat/cold out while
    keeping the controlled environment of the house more comfortable. The concrete that is in
    good contact with the interior works kind of like a battery.  The interior of the wall is dense
    concrete that is at the room temperature, this counteracts any sudden inflow of heat/cold.
    This is confirmed by the Dept of Energy’s testing company which was Oak Ridge
    National Testing company (ORNL) when they tested all 16 methods of wall construction.
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Mission Statement:
"Build Better for the People of the World”
About Our Business
After building with the following systems:
  1. wood framing,
  2. metal framing,
  3. concrete block,
  4. reinforced unit masonry,
  5. poured in place concrete walls,
  6. Insulated Concrete Forms,
  7. concrete pre-cast and
  8. Tilt Wall systems,